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25 October 2012 @ 12:44 am
friends only  
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ask to be added
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salilu on November 13th, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
hej Hannah. Villl du bli min vänn :)
bluewhiteheart: hysénbluewhiteheart on November 13th, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
Japp. Jag addar dig nu ;)
salilu on November 14th, 2009 07:09 pm (UTC)
sorry att jag e sen. Skall adda dig tebacka nu.
(Deleted comment)
bluewhiteheart: hysen - nästa mästarebluewhiteheart on April 2nd, 2010 07:02 pm (UTC)
Yes of course! :)
Adding you know! :3
(Deleted comment)
bluewhiteheart: anna stephen hug gg's 2009bluewhiteheart on April 2nd, 2010 07:23 pm (UTC)
Yay. :3
justonebeat on May 8th, 2010 07:30 pm (UTC)
Please sign up for the 1st round @ bands20in10 you can sign up for any band or any singer, please please sign up :D x
bluewhiteheart: alcidebluewhiteheart on May 8th, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)
I signed up! :)
justonebeat on May 8th, 2010 09:16 pm (UTC)
thank you :D x
justonebeat on May 9th, 2010 08:58 pm (UTC)
make sure you have joined the com bands20in20 so i can give you posting acces!
bluewhiteheartbluewhiteheart on May 9th, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)
LOL! Joined now! Totally forgot about that!
justonebeat on May 10th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
haha lol :D no worries :P x
Tahllytahlly on July 24th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
Hay, I discovered your graphic journal a while ago and always wanted to comment here. (:
Some great stuff you've got there.

Therefore I'd like to ask you if you want to be part of my new community?
Maybe you'll come visit me some time.

Tahlly. [:
bluewhiteheartbluewhiteheart on July 25th, 2010 08:07 am (UTC)

Sure, what's the community about? :)

Tahllytahlly on July 25th, 2010 10:24 am (UTC)
It's an icon challenge, but a little bit different then others. Still working on it. (:
It's called Icons30.
Tahlly: The Vampire Diariestahlly on August 2nd, 2010 01:16 pm (UTC)
Well, the first round started and I wanted to ask you to check out the latest post of my personal journal 'cause I need some help. (:
Would be happy if you added me. ;)
Tahlly: Belletahlly on August 5th, 2010 11:54 pm (UTC)
Hay, you have to add me as your friend again, it didn't work the last time.
I just noticed because I wanted to send you an message regarding Icons30. (:
(Deleted comment)
bluewhiteheart: Sella - hattrickbluewhiteheart on November 27th, 2010 08:46 pm (UTC)
Hey Lacey! Yeah sure!! :D